Living Movement Fitness


I offer a variety of fitness and lifestyle services in Sandpoint and the greater North Idaho area.

I am a certified personal trainer, certified corrective exercise specialist (CES), and certified sports nutritionist. I am trained in all aspects of physical fitness but my specialty and my passion is corrective exercise.

What I love more than anything is helping people bring movement back into their lives. To help people believe in their own abilities again (or, perhaps, to believe in their abilities for the first time).

I am trained to assess movement dysfunction and design an exercise program to restore structural alignment. This leads to reduced pain, increased range of motion, prevention of future injuries, and more joyful movement in your life.

I am trained to assess and help correct movement dysfunction in all major joints. I have extra training as a pregnancy and post-partum corrective exercise specialist (PCES). Rehabilitating the body before, during, and/or after pregnancy is a unique service that I offer.

I am not a medical professional. I do not replace the care and expertise of your primary care provider, physical therapist, orthopedist, or chiropractor. I can help bridge the gap between the services of medical professionals and a movement-filled life. We can also prevent the need for medical care by correcting minor joint dysfunction before it requires medical attention. During our free consultation, we will determine whether you are a candidate for corrective exercise or if you need to first be evaluated by a medical professional. At every session we will evaluate your current status and you will be referred to your medical provider, if needed.


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