About Mom of a Teen in Need

A person is holding a framed, blank canvas up, covering their whole face. As the mom of a teen in need, I often feel like I am not a whole person.  I have hope that our future is bright and both my teen and I will become our very best selves.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Is that my name? Mom of a Teen in Need? Many days it feels that way. There’s a lot more to me. A whole lot more. Truthfully, though, much of me has been boxed up and put away for a long time. Being a mother is consuming–time consuming, heart consuming, money consuming, appearance consuming . . . you know. If you’re a mother, you know. When one (or more) of your children has a disability and a mental health disorder, the other parts of you get boxed up.

There’s just no space for me right now; I feel like a blank canvas. Getting help for my teen is all-consuming. Maybe some day I’ll get back to me. Right now, I’m a mom who’s leaving no stone unturned getting help for her teen.

I’m new to blogging and Word Press. This site will likely be clunky until I get more experience. And a huge shout-out to NameCheap for patiently helping this newbie create an affordable blog. I’ve asked lots of questions and they’ve always answered. (They are not paying me to write that, I’m genuinely grateful.)