About Lisa

I am a mother of five, former public school teacher, currently homeschooling my kids in North Idaho. I am 48 years old.

I remember being fascinated with fitness and nutrition as early as age 10. I read magazines and library books, worked out to VHS tapes, took classes at the local YMCA, joined the track team. As an adult, I was an avid distance runner, completed a full marathon, and exercised at home and in gyms. In spite of all that, I never thought of myself as athletic or fitness-oriented during those years.

I’ve had achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, knee pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, pubis symphysis dysfunction, and neck/shoulder pain. I’ve been underweight, overweight, and in between. I’ve had periods of very disordered eating, moderately disordered eating, and, thankfully, now have a healthy relationship with food and my own body.

Once I became a mother, I finally understood what it meant to be bone tired, to not have any time for myself, and to constantly feel inadequate and overwhelmed.

After the birth of my fifth baby, I experienced tremendous despair at how dysfunctional my body was, at the pain I experienced doing ordinary tasks, and how unattractive I felt.

I was inspired by the late Teresa Tapp to believe in myself, to believe that I could rehabilitate my own injuries, and to share the knowledge to help others do the same. My life was forever changed by her and I hope to always pay it forward, the way she did.

I believe in you and I’d love to help you believe in yourself.

I am certified through International Sports Sciences Association and Core Exercise Solutions as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist (CES), sports nutritionist, and pregnancy and post-partum corrective exercise specialist (PCES). I am currently pursuing certification in Original Barre–the Lottie Berk Method and as a transformation specialist.